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All Packages Include:

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Email Support
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Project Management
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Ads Management

Email Support

Project Management

Dedicated Marketing Strategist




Apps Management

Quality Assurance

Ads Management

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My conversions now for opt-ins and growing my list… are currently at 68% conversion for opt-ins. Their design is beautiful. The copy they wrote was right spot on from my voice. They put it all together in a process I could track and follow. This is the best company that I could find, and I went searching for a lot of people… and there’s a reason I chose Super Virtual Assistant.
Anthony Trucks | Founder & Coach

“The Super Virtual Assistant team is organized, process oriented and very communicative. These are all of the things I need as a solo small business owner and coach with 30 client hours a week.”

Chris Wilson | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "Active Project"?

An Active Project is any project, large (many steps) or small (fewer steps), that is done-for-you by the Super Virtual Assistant team.

The more Active Projects in your package, the faster we can get your projects done because we can work on them in parallel. Simple enough, right?

What can I Super Virtual Assistant? Can I _______?

Note: for turnaround times on deliverables see question below.

These are only a few popular examples. We can do much more… The only limit is your imagination.

What is your turnaround time?

On average, Walk and Run account users receive a fast turnaround time of 1-2 days for most deliverables (e.g. first draft of copy, design concept, completion of a development task).
However, if you’re on the Fly or Drive packages you get faster turnaround times of 1 day on average for most deliverables.
Turnaround time refers to deliverables which is different from completing an entire project for you. This is because projects can be simple and deliverable focused (see examples in previous FAQ), or you can make your projects more complex with many steps (e.g. create an entire website). The complexity of your projects and the number of active projects currently in your queue may affect completion times.
Cool? Cool. You’re going to love it.

What can I get done in my first 3 months with Super Virtual Assistant?

A lot. But it depends most on which package you sign up with and how much work you want to delegate to us.

See the answer to the question above titled “What can I Super Virtual Assistant?”. This includes estimates of how many Auto-Tasks™ it takes to complete a variety of requests most popular with our clients. These range from complex (WordPress website or a complete sales funnel to the simple (see examples in FAQ above).

And remember, you can submit unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and unlimited brand profiles.

What does unlimited mean exactly?

Yes, with Super Virtual Assistant  you really can submit unlimited marketing request to us via our easy to use Web App. Then we’ll work on your projects every day until they’re done. The speed of work is based on which monthly subscription package you sign up with (Fly is your best value).

In case you have any special design preferences, or you want a copy draft revised, no problem. You also get unlimited revisions, so we’ll keep polishing until you say “boy, does that baby shine like a diamond!”
Last but not least, you also get unlimited brand profiles in case you have multiple businesses, websites, or if you’re an agency and want to keep work for each client separate.

Who owns the completed work?

You do! Any PDFs, code, designs, copy, ad creative, logos etc. — it’s all done for you and owned by you. Links to files and deliverables are conveniently listed under the “Real” tab (i.e. “Ideas already made real”) view in your Super Virtual Assistant Web App account. See the screenshot under the question “What happens after I sign up?” below.

Can I pay quarterly or annually for a discount?

Yes! You can save $300 or much more depending on your package. Select the quarterly or annual options above to grab your savings.

Is there a contract?

Nope. No contracts to sign here. One of the biggest differences between us and other “old” options is we have zero contracts and all of our plans are month-to-month. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

Is there a guarantee?

All plans are backed up by our 3-day money-back guarantee. If you’re on the fence and wondering if we’re a fit, simply sign up and try us out. If you’re not happy or feel it isn’t a fit for your needs for any reason, no worries. We’ve got you covered.

What happens after I sign up?

Sign-up only takes 60 seconds.

After that, you’re instantly given access to our Web App and built-in live chat with your dedicated Project Manager and Marketing Strategist. We’ll show you around and help you get started.

You’ll also get a complimentary onboarding call (this is for all packages) with your Marketing Strategist. On the call we’ll learn more about your business and how we can best help you scale and save time.

What tools and website platforms do you support?

For the most part, we can accomodate any tools you already use. We often recommend Leadpages for landing pages, sites, email list building, and lead capture, as well as ActiveCampaign for marketing automation.
Here are some of the most popular platforms and tools we work with:

All plans are backed up by our 3-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply sign up and try us out. If you’re not happy or feel it isn’t a fit for your needs for any reason, no worries. We’ve got you covered.

Very impressed. I’m a copywriter originally. Refreshing to work with a company that ACTUALLY produces good work (and fast, too).

Josh Hamilton | Owner