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“After using Super Virtual Assistant for over two months I’m happy to expand my wishlist and use them for even more projects! The highly efficient and easy way I can simply direct them to what I want and watch my projects come to life is truly satisfying for a busy professional like me. I get to focus on my strengths in my business and let the team at Super Virtual Assistant write amazing copy and create appealing designs for my website, funnel, and sales pages. They’ve really given me peace of mind as I grow my business and take it to the next level. I highly recommend them!”

Chantal Heide | Dating Coach

Here's The Problem...

Whether you’re a Business Owner, an Agency, or an Established Brand—

To keep growing your revenue you must execute on your digital marketing ideas AND keep your existing creative, digital assets fresh (e.g. website, lead magnet PDF, emails, ads…).

So, you need a busload of talented people who can take the work off your plate, and Get. It. Done.

But hiring… marketplaces? — it’s a serious pain.

Sifting through sky-high stacks of resumes…

Conducting tedious interviews

Settling for “underqualified” and “flaky”…

Or worse: you choose to do it all yourself 😞 when you have more than enough stacked on your plate.

Now, you could go with that super-cheap (but “cookie-cutter quality”) freelancer from a popular marketplace…

Or maybe you should re-consider signing that 6-month contract for that other proposal you got…

How about NO… Instead, it’s time to graduate from flaky-freelancers and marketplaces…

You need the better solution to grow your business and get all your digital marketing and creative work done quick, and with quality…

One that provides the quality and speed of an all-in-one team—with the ease of delegating projects of a 1-click ride-share app.

All without the typical “people headaches”

Super Virtual Assistant—It's Like a Project Management App But with Proven Pros (Copywriters, Designers, Developers, Strategists, & More) Ready to Get Your Marketing Projects Done Fast

You’ll get unlimited projects done-for-you fast (for a flat monthly price)

You could easily spend $10,000s to build a team, go through all the headaches of hiring and managing freelancers, scouring marketplaces, or attempt to do it all yourself…

Or, right now, graduate to Super Virtual Assistant co. , in 3 clicks via our simple web app. Your all-in-one team will execute on your digital marketing ideas, enabling you to grow sales faster. You’ll also get unlimited projects done-for-you each month across 10 12 possible skills sets:

Let us take all that work OFF your plate, like we’ve done for 1000’s of other agencies, brands, and busy business owners.

Benefit #1 — Get a Wide Variety of Marketing Work Done (All-in-One Team)

Getting your digital marketing projects done — from connecting a form to your CRM, to custom funnels, to complete website designs — it so easy with your all-in-one Super Virtual Assistant co. team of pros at your fingertips via our streamlined web app. With access to 12 skillsets (and growing), the only limit is your imagination ✨ 🧠


“I think that you all are doing awesome. The absolute best thing is that you can get things done for me without much thought on my behalf. Very very valuable.”

Lawrence M. Watkins | President & COO

Benefit #2 — Fast Turnaround For Less Than 1/10th the Normal Cost

Whether it’s projects for your clients, or marketing campaigns for your business, executing quickly means you can grow your sales faster. What’s the opportunity-cost of continuing to wait on upgrading your funnel, or increasing your agency capacity? Potentially high ($). With Super Virtual Assistant , our average turnaround time for most deliverables is 0-2 days depending on your package 🚀

“We needed a resource we could use to develop detailed and sophisticated pages on our web site to increase our lead conversions. Super Virtual Assistant has delivered multiple engagements with consistent quality and care.”

Russell Kommer | Executive VP Watkins

Benefit #3 — Quality Communication with Quality Work

Each day you’ll get a detailed summary of where your projects are at and know in real-time via the app interface with they will be done. In addition, we have dedicated Quality Assurance pros on staff who check all deliverables to save you time. Plus, if you prefer a different style of writing or design for instance, we can instantly assign a new Super Virtual Assistant to fulfill your request 👌

With Super Virtual Assistant , our communication was phenomenal, the copy was on point with my niche market, the designs were incredible, the collaboration was extremely professional, and the turnaround times were unreal (seriously).

Brian McMahon | Owner

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How Super Virtual Assistant Works

Here’s How to Save $1000s on Your Marketing Costs & Scale Your Business…

The Problem

How we help you

Step 1

Sign up, submit your project

Step 2

Watch as we do the work

Step 3

You review—and relax

Whatever your tools, ad platforms, or apps,

it's almost guaranteed we already work with it

Years in

Hours saved
for clients


53 Qualified, Full-Time Pros (and Growing)

Some of Super Virtual Assistant's Additional Benefits to Help You Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Success

Exclusive Training, Tools, & Templates

Take your own digital marketing skills to the next level with Super Virtual Assistant ’s proven training, tools, and templates.

Unlimited Projects & Revisions

There is no limit to how many tasks or projects we can get done for you each month. The only limit is on how many simultaneous projects we can work on at one time (see pricing for details).

Fast Response Times & a Proactive Team

As a recent client, Jamie Star, said: “The communication was really smooth… Tasks were done super fast (usually I’m the bottleneck).”

One Flat Monthly Price

You get everything included with your Super Virtual Assistant account for one flat monthly price—no hidden fees or “hourly” costs.

Human Support

Your account is assigned a Project Manager and Marketing Strategist, available and online 9 am to 5 pm EST, 5 days per week.

Vetted Professionals

A full-stack team of tested, trained, and talented marketing pros at your fingertips (no hiring, interviews, or HR required).  

A key piece that people don’t realize is that every little decision you have to make along the way of setting up a [digital marketing] funnel is a potential rabbit hole to get stuck in. Especially those of us cursed with perfectionist tendencies. And once you go down a rabbit hole chunks of time magically disappear. You guys are the rabbit hole prevention team.

Brian Miaolo | Founder, Creative Director

  • Quality Work, Quality Communication—QA specialists check the work, you get a daily report, plus we adapt to your preferences.
  • Fast Turnaround—0-2 day average turnaround for most projects.
  • Get a wide variety of projects done. 12 skillsets (copy, design, ads, strategy, and more). No limit on users, projects, or revisions too!
  • You own the work, and white labeling is welcome (landing pages, emails, ads—all of it). And yes, you can white label the work as many agency clients already do!
  • No contracts—upgrade, downgrade, pause, or cancel at any time. Plus, getting started is so easy with our Free 7-day trial. 
  • No “people” headaches. Get access to an all-in-one team, ready to get quality work done-for-you. No interviews, no HR drama.